Children and Exercise

August 27, 2016

Start them while they’re young. All too often it’s easier just to let our kids play video games, sit and text, watch T.V. and stay out of our hair. But this is no way to neither be a positive role model nor encourage a long healthy lifestyle.

It is so important to get children involved in an active lifestyle at a young age. Doing so will create healthy habits and provide a long life of physical activity. Here are a few ways to offer positive influence in our kids lives:

Your Activity: Children are going to be influenced by the adults around them. That’s why it’s so important that you set a good example. If you aren’t getting enough exercise it will be hard to explain to a child why they need to keep up their physical activity. Start making changes in your own work out regimen and not only will you improve the chances of your child getting active to stay healthy, but you as well will feel the health benefits.

Exercise Together: A perfect way to implement the prior point is to plan physical activities that you and your child can do together. Not only will this give you quality time together but it will give you both a chance to get your heart pumping. It’s also sometimes easier to stick with it if there’s someone else to hold you accountable and enjoy the activity with.

Kid Friendly Exercise: Exercise for kids doesn’t have to feel like exercise. By choosing activities that are fun, getting your kid moving won’t be as much of a struggle and the duration of activity will likely last longer. Also try to incorporate activities that are new. This will keep your kid mentally involved as they learn something new and broaden their perspective on what can considered be exercise.

Reduce Sedentary Activities: Sedentary activities are those that require very little exertion and aren’t considered exercise. Things like watching television and playing video games fall into this category. So to improve your child’s chances of getting the daily physical activity they need you must reduce these activities. The easiest way to do so is to eliminate or limit the temptation by not having these electronics around or easily accessible.

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