How to get children involved in wellness

March 9, 2015

Demonstrate the importance of fitness by making time to exercise every day, no matter how busy you are, what the weather is like or what other inconvenience might exist. There are some exceptions, such as illness or an occasional rest day, but not many. Resolve to make no excuses and you won’t be tempted to look for any.

Choose a varied and balanced diet, have lots of good food around for snacks such as fruits and nuts, and eat well yourself…even if the kids are demanding the popular sugary, fat-laden choices. Don’t do battle over individual meals – how you dine most of the time will make the biggest impressions.

Master effective self-management. Respond to events and circumstances like Mr. Cool Dad, or Serenity Mom. Focus on seeking the best outcomes for situations and not overreacting to such potential stressors as bad behavior by others, excessive time demands or money worries. Remember, you are on stage and your kids are in the front row, orchestra each time during the day something difficult comes about. After a bit of practice, you might come to enjoy your ability to deal with tough situations with panache, quiet calm and, best of all when possible, humor. All of these responses save energy and lead to better decisions and healthier children.