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Back up the back...

You can't see it; so how does it look? It's not showcased; so how important is it? It's not gawked at by men or women; so does it really matter? What am I talking about...your back muscles. Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle teach you the anatomy of the back. They will also tell you how important it really is to maintain a strong back. Don't worry, you really can have a beautiful back...and maybe Tony & Michelle will share how to get one.


Age gracefully...

One thing we can't stop is getting older. However, we can improve the aging process. How many times have you heard the old saying: "if you don't use it you lose it"? Well that holds true especially as we...grow older. Tune in as Tony & Michelle teach you how to age gracefully. They will also tell you how your body changes as we age, and how exercise can make a positive impact on an aging body. They will even share a few workouts.


De-stress your mess…

It can dismantle your job. It can destroy your marriage, relationships and family life. It’s a silent killer! What is this meddling menace that does so much damage, can be easily tamed, and is seldom addressed…it’s STRESS! Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle teach you how to de-stress your life. They will also be speaking with Barb Mikula, President of 'Prosperity Training', on how to de-stress from one of the biggest areas of stress…your home finances!


All about the image...

"It all starts and stops with you!" That's what my dad always said. I never really knew what he meant, but I do now, and agree with him. You can change nothing about yourself unless you have a...positive self-image. Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle talk about the importance of self-control...what it means to be positive and portray that image...and how to avoid temptation when it comes to eating, exercising and hanging out with negative people.


New to nutrition…

Maybe one size fits all, but only looking at one way to gain and maintain fitness, health and wellness does not work. Believe it or not, it takes a multi-pronged approach, and…nutrition needs to be one of those prongs. Tune in as Tony & Michelle bring nutrition back to the basics. They will tell you what the term “nutrition” really means, how it works…and they will also be sharing with you some great tips on changing your bad eating habits.


Building legs that last…

Solid…stable…strong! They hold you up…they carry you through life. They are there when you need them most. Just like a house cannot stand without a strong foundation; your body cannot stand without…strong legs! Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle discuss the various muscles of the legs; some may even surprise you. They will tell you why it’s so important to train them, and they will teach you a few exercise, and may even share a few of their favorites!


Be well, live long...

Living healthy is so much more then exercising and eating right. Staying free of sickness and disease is far more then popping pills for the rest of your life. Health is about...wellness! Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle breakdown the wellness wheel, what it means, how to live it and keep it balanced. They will also be talking with Chiropractor and Wellness Coach Dr. Rachel Northern with 'Northern Light Care' about a well-balanced body!


Exercise myths debunked...

Sit ups will help you lose belly fat. Sports drinks will help you replenish electrolytes. Strength training will only help you build muscle but not lose weight. Are these myths or...a reality? Tune in as Tony & Michelle debunk these and many more exercise myths. They will also be speaking with Brett Stewart and Jason Warner, authors of "7-weeks to 10-pounds of Muscle" about how if you train right...and think right, it's not a myth!


Fitness anywhere…

I know, I know…you don’t have the time. I understand; you don’t have any equipment. I get it; times are tough and you just can’t afford to go to the health club. Have I left yours out? The excuses…stop here! Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle totally (yes pun intended) help you lose the excuses. They will teach you so many different and simple exercises you can do anywhere. Like in your home, your office at work and even in your car!


Arms, arms & more arms…

“I like big arms and I cannot lie”. Well that’s not exactly how the song goes, but it's just about every man’s…and women’s dream for her man. Unfortunately though, sitting or standing there doing curls won’t…do it all! Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle teach you that the bicep isn’t the only muscle in your arm…or that it is only one muscle. They will also share with you ways to train your total arm…and a few of their personal favorite arm exercises!


Exercise with caution…

A sure-fire way to cut a workout habit short is to get injured. More and more people hit the gym hammer-down and hurt themselves. Then they spend the next few weeks away from the gym trying to…recover. It’s tough to reach your fitness goals this way. Tune in as Tony & Michelle teach you how to avoid workout injuries. They will also be speaking with Erik Walcott with Ecco shoes on the importance of proper footwear for the activity.


Exercise to rehab…

Whether you’re an athlete injured on the field, court or course; a husband who slips on the ice while shoveling the driveway, or a mother who takes a tumble chasing her child through the park…you need to exercise for rehabilitation! Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle give you some exercises you can use to rehab injured joints. They will also be speaking with Jason and Wendy Bazillian about how acupuncture can play a vital role in rehabilitation as well.


Detoxify your life…

We are exposed to thousands of toxins on a daily basis. From the water we drink to the air that we breathe. From the processed foods we eat to the products we put on our skin. Did you know…you can eliminate many of these toxins? Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle teach you how to eliminate them and heal. They will also be speaking with Amy Casto-Booher, President of Joppa Minerals about natural alternatives to chemical laden cosmetics.


Challenge yourself…

The biggest…the best…the greatest gains come when you challenge yourself. More than that though; seeing these changes can keep you on track to continue…your fitness journey. Tune in as Tony & Michelle teach you how to challenge yourself…and they may even challenge you themselves. They will also tell you how nuts can help you lose weight as they speak with T.C. Hale, author of “Kick Fat in the Nuts” a natural guide to how your body works…and how to work your body!


Motivated to win…

People are motivated by many different things. Some by money. Some by fame. Some by family. And some unfortunately by a near death experience. What would motivate you to…make the lifestyle change and start exercising. Let’s hope it’s not the latter. Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle teach you what motivates…and how to get motivated. They will also be sharing some great tips and advice on exercising with purpose.


Eat right and win…

Was losing weight your New Year’s Resolution? Was getting fit your New Year’s Resolution? Was gaining overall health & wellness your New Year’s Resolution? Well exercise can’t do it alone. You need to eat right too! Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle teach you some easy eating tips. They will also be talking about ways to cut your gut for good with Marlene Koch, Registered Dietician and author of “Eat More of What You Love”.


Rock the abs...

I know it's not exactly beach weather, but having rock hard abs isn't all about just looking good with your shirts off. I know, your crushed right now. But having strong abs will with stability, balance and posture as well. Tune in as Tony & Michelle teach you all about the anatomy of abs and why the abdominal muscles are so important. They will also share with you great ways to build your abs including some of their favorite exercises.


Get started in the New Year…

Well you did it. You made losing weight…getting in shape…starting an exercise program…or getting healthy your New Year’s resolution. So what is it going to take? How are you going to…get started? Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle teach you the very steps you need to follow in order to start and stick with your New Year’s resolution of health & fitness. They will even share with you four low cost ways to shape up if that seems to be your barrier to entry.


Changing in the New Year...

Happy New Year! 2013 is a year for Change. Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle tell you how to make change a reality. They will also be speaking with a very special guest.


MAX Muscle gain...

In order to get to where you're going, you need to know how to get there...right? In order to get something done, you need to know how to do it...right? So wouldn't that also hold true when trying muscle? Tune in as Tony & Michelle teach you the various forms of muscle in your body and how to work them. They will also be speaking with Brad Shoenfeld, author of "MAX Muscle Plan" about achieving maximum muscle gain.


Happy feet...

When building a house you want a strong and solid foundation. Without it, the rest of your house won't be stable. Well then shouldn't the same hold true for your...body? Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle tell you why your feet are so important and how to take care of them. They will also speak with Podiatrist from the Foot & Ankle Center and Doctor that performed surgery on Tony's feet, Dr. George Carioscia, about the many issues people can have with their feet and how to cure them.


Discussion on concussion...

Head injuries don't just happen to professional athletes. Heck, they don't just happen to any level athlete. Head injuries can happen in the driveway, on the ice or even on trail. Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle tell you what other areas besides the brain, are effected by a head injury. They will also be speaking with Dr. Robert Kohn, Neurologist and Neuropsychiatrist with the Kohn Brain Clinic about the damaging effects of a concussion.


Workout the winter…

What’s your excuse? “I’m too busy with the holidays!”. "It’s too cold outside!”. “I would, but _____”, you fill in the blank. Come wintertime, so many lose sight of their health. You can get a great workout without…freezing your butt off. Tune in as Tony & Michelle give you some quick tips on keeping warm, burning calories and saving time. They will also be speaking with Jessica Arnow, Owner of The Bike Haven in McHenry about winter riding.


Holiday healthy eating...

Thanksgiving dinner, or maybe dinners; how did you do? Did you eat too much? Did you eat all the wrong things? Did you avoid the good stuff? Well the good news is's behind us. But unfortunately...Christmas gatherings are fast approaching. Tune in to the show as Tony & Michelle talk with Maribel Alchin, dietician and healthy living advisor, about how to plan for Christmas gatherings and a long life of healthy eating.


DO's & DON'Ts when exercising...

There are two sides to everything...including exercise. It's all about balance. Most of us know what we should be doing when it comes to fitness and health, but do you know what you...shouldn't be doing? Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle will not only help you understand the benefits of doing the right things when it comes to exercising, moving and so much more...but the benefits of not doing the wrong things when it comes to this as well.