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Loading up the legs…

Our legs are the foundation for our body. We depend on them. They get us from point A to Point B. They help us run climb, jump and stand. They are non-stop and we owe them. Podcast this show and learn how to train your legs and develop a strong foundation.

The 4 C’s…

Getting fit, healthy and making a lifestyle change is not just physical, it's mental as well. This decision requires what we have coined the 4 C's to fitness & health: choice, commitment, challenge and Change. Podcast this show and listen as we share the process to change.

Aging and Excercise

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you can exercise and strength train well into your senior years! In fact, you should! As we age our muscles begin to atrophy, our bones lose density and we become less flexible. Tune in and learn how exercise can help with all these conditions.

Core means more…

As of recent, it seems the word "core" has become a fitness craze. And for good reason! Core training is so important for body balance, performance, functionality and pain management. So what's this cray little word; "core"? Listen as we tell you why the core really is more!

De-Stress your life…

Stress can wreak havoc on your health and life in so many ways. Not only is it damaging to your heart, but your joints, skin, eyes and hair. Not to mention, it may even cause friction at home and work. Tune in this Saturday as we go in-depth, and share ways to de-stress yourself!

Something about strength…

Strength training can be one of the most intimidating and confusing activities to engage in when visiting a gym. How much is too much? How much is too little? Am I doing it right? Have no fear; podcast this show and we'll will give you many of the tips you need to get started.

Get back to nutrition basics…

Slow and steady always wins the race...and that goes for your nutrition as well. If your looking to improve the way you eat, podcast this show to listen as we share some of our knowledge, experience and stories with you as it pertains to nutrition and fad diets.

Get Motivated…

We’re in week two and what better discussion to have then getting motivated to work out? Last week we shared all the excuses we hear for not working out. We also touched on reasons why you need to consciously make the decision to workout…so why not spend a little time helping you get motivated to make that lifestyle change. Tune in this Saturday as Michelle and I get you pumped up and ready to challenge yourself.

A Welcome Show

Michelle and I welcome you to the first Totally Fit Radio show. Well, not exactly the first! Totally Fit Radio broadcasted on AM 560 WIND in Chicago from 2008-2014, but has found a new home here in Phoenix on AM 1440 KAZG. Tune in this Saturday as we tell you a little about us, the history of the show and the many excuses we as Personal Performance Trainers hear from people as to why they just “can’t” workout.

Back up the back…

You can't see it; so how does it look? It's not showcased; so how important is it? It's not gawked at by men or women; so does it really matter? What am I talking about...your back muscles. Tune in to this show as Tony & Michelle teach you the anatomy of the back. They will also tell you how important it really is to maintain a strong back. Don't worry, you really can have a beautiful back...and maybe Tony & Michelle will share how to get one.