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Pure hydration

We all know it's important to drink water. But do you know how much, when and what type? Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle teach you the good and bad in water, and talk with Patricia Bragg about how to use apple cider vinegar while exercising.

Train with purpose

There are many reasons to exercise. Maybe to lose weigh, build muscle, improve performance or simply perform day to day tasks. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle discuss task specific training, as well as interview author of "Functional Training", Juan Carlos Santana.

Week four: Solidify change

This is the final chapter of our four part series helping you stick to your New Year's resolution. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle help you create your alter ego and plan for your real and new life. They also shared a very important announcement!

Week three: Almost there

This is the third of a four part series designed to help you stick to your New Year's resolution, and kick of the year right. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle provide you encouragement and teach you how to stay focused and find support!

Week two: Keep it up

This is the second of a four part series designed to help you stick to your New Year's resolution, and kick of the year right. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle discuss ways you can curb the cravings, and share with you tools for staying focused on the new you!

Week one: Start slow

This is the first of a four part series designed to help you stick to your New Year's resolution, and kick year off right. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle share with you ways to get started in a workout program where you will be sure to follow through with it.

RERUN: Naturopathic health

Due to technical difficulties during the show a few weeks back, we decided to rerun and re-podcast this show. Tony and Michelle shared natural ways to heal your body, ward of sickness and disease, maintain optimal health, and spoke with Dr. Sam Walters; author, lecturer and Naturopathic Doctor with the Wellness Spring Clinic in Scottsdale!

Training with purpose

The way to get the most out of your workout is to know how to get started and what your doing. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle share with you ways to get the best results from your workout, and talk with fitness professional and author Irene Lewis-McCormick about her book..."The HIIT Advantage".

Brain food

You've heard about feeding your muscles, and maybe even your organs. But have you heard about feeding one organ in particular...your brain? Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle talk with Sharon Madsen about the reasons you may just want to do that...and how!

Naturopathic health

Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle share natural ways to heal your body, ward of sickness and disease and simply maintain optimal health as they speak with Dr. Sam Walters; author, lecturer and Naturopathic Doctor with the Wellness Spring Clinic in Scottsdale!

Featured muscle-Arms

Do you know how many primary muscles make up your arm? Do you train them all? Do you you know the difference between building for mass and building for definition? Do you know how? Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle share the answers to all these questions!

Holiday stress

Party planning, meal preparation, house guests and travel planning; with the holidays comes a lot of stress. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle share with you ways to reduce the stress of the holidays this year making them a whole heck of lot more fun and healthy!

Must have a massage

Stress, muscle tightness, post workout; there are many reasons you may need or just want to get a massage. Podcast this show as Tony and Michelle interview Jon Peterson; Massage Therapist and owner of "Natural Therapy Wellness Center" about the value of massage therapy!

Fun, fads and future

Thigh Master, Total Gym, TRX and about a hundred more. Some equipment are better than others, but all work better than doing nothing. podcast this show as we break down exercises devices from the past, the present and share ideas that we see coming for the future!

Keep it a happy Halloween

Halloween can be more than just a fun holiday. But sometimes the scariest part of Halloween isn't the ghouls, ghosts, witches and goblins; sometimes it's what comes home in the trick or treat bag. Podcast this show as we share ways to keep Halloween fun, healthy and safe!

Featured muscle group: Chest

Your pecs are more than just vanity muscles. Believe it or not, they actually have functionality too! Podcast this show as we discuss the various muscles of the chest, the importance and function these muscles and how to go about training them for the best results.

Children and fitness

Childhood obesity is rampant! Kids spend too much time on the game system and too little on the playground. Podcast this show as we discuss getting children involved in fitness, and talk with Chris Leathers, speed & agility specialist and owner of Your World Fitness.

Get on the ball

Have you ever seen those giant colorful balls floating around the gym that nobody ever touches? What are they? How do you use them? Do they really work? Podcast this show as we tell you what these beautiful devices of fitness are...are all about, and how to use them!

Functional training

The way you train for one activity, could be completely different than you train for another. Podcast this show as we discuss functional training and talk with Dr. Brian Cole, author of Basketball Anatomy about sport specific training for basketball players.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

It's all about making the right decisions in life. Podcast this show as as we discuss mindful eating, exercising and living. We will also be talking with Patricia Bragg, health pioneer and owner of Bragg products about her mindful decisions and life stories.

Triple whammy

One sure way to put yourself on the path of fitness is to sign up for a least some organized event that challenges your physical fitness. Podcast this show as we discuss training for events and talk with Frank Sole with Sole Swim Solutions about preparing for a triathlon.

Weight no weight

Dynamic and/or weight training isn't for everyone. Some people with injuries or severe arthritis may not be able to handle the pounding or heavy weight. Podcast this show as we discuss isometric and low impact training, and talk with Taylor Hay, inventor of the pocket gym.

Chiropractic care

One of the oldest and best forms of natural health and healing is Chiropractic medicine. We'll be talking with Chiropractor and friend Dr. Rachel Northern on the benefits of this treatment. Podcast this show to learn about Chiropractic care?

Featured Muscle Group

Next to legs, the back muscles are the second most neglected when it comes to training. Unfortunately though, they're also probably the most important. Podcast this show and we'll tell you why and give you some great back exercises.

Need for Nutrition…

Proper nutrition is more than just losing weight. We'll along with Sylvia Klinger, Registered Dietitian and founder of the Hispanic Food Communication will tell just how much more. Podcast this show to learn the best eating practices?

Finding Your Flexibility…

It's not just for gymnasts, dancers or event martial artists. It's for your health, safety, growth and recovery too. What is it? It is your flexibility. Podcast this show and learn the who, what, where why and when to stretch.

Exercise Outdoors…

Bored of the same ole gym workout? Tired of using your furniture as exercise equipment? Are you ready to spice up you workout but just don't know how to go about doing it? Podcast this show and learn what and how to go about exercising outdoors.

Loading up the legs…

Our legs are the foundation for our body. We depend on them. They get us from point A to Point B. They help us run climb, jump and stand. They are non-stop and we owe them. Podcast this show and learn how to train your legs and develop a strong foundation.

Children & wellness

A show that is all about teaching our kids about fitness, health and wellness.

Making exercise fun

A show that you how to have fun while working out.

21 days to habit

A show that will teach you how to create good habits in just 21-days.

Sports Perfomance

A show about getting the most from your body on the field, court or course.

Pure energy

A show about generating pure clean energy.

The 4 C’s…

Getting fit, healthy and making a lifestyle change is not just physical, it's mental as well. This decision requires what we have coined the 4 C's to fitness & health: choice, commitment, challenge and Change. Podcast this show and listen as we share the process to change.

Aging and Excercise

Contrary to conventional wisdom, you can exercise and strength train well into your senior years! In fact, you should! As we age our muscles begin to atrophy, our bones lose density and we become less flexible. Tune in and learn how exercise can help with all these conditions.

Core means more…

As of recent, it seems the word "core" has become a fitness craze. And for good reason! Core training is so important for body balance, performance, functionality and pain management. So what's this cray little word; "core"? Listen as we tell you why the core really is more!

De-Stress your life…

Stress can wreak havoc on your health and life in so many ways. Not only is it damaging to your heart, but your joints, skin, eyes and hair. Not to mention, it may even cause friction at home and work. Tune in this Saturday as we go in-depth, and share ways to de-stress yourself!

Something about strength…

Strength training can be one of the most intimidating and confusing activities to engage in when visiting a gym. How much is too much? How much is too little? Am I doing it right? Have no fear; podcast this show and we'll will give you many of the tips you need to get started.

Get back to nutrition basics…

Slow and steady always wins the race...and that goes for your nutrition as well. If your looking to improve the way you eat, podcast this show to listen as we share some of our knowledge, experience and stories with you as it pertains to nutrition and fad diets.

Get Motivated…

We’re in week two and what better discussion to have then getting motivated to work out? Last week we shared all the excuses we hear for not working out. We also touched on reasons why you need to consciously make the decision to workout…so why not spend a little time helping you get motivated to make that lifestyle change. Tune in this Saturday as Michelle and I get you pumped up and ready to challenge yourself.

A Welcome Show

Michelle and I welcome you to the first Totally Fit Radio show. Well, not exactly the first! Totally Fit Radio broadcasted on AM 560 WIND in Chicago from 2008-2014, but has found a new home here in Phoenix on AM 1440 KAZG. Tune in this Saturday as we tell you a little about us, the history of the show and the many excuses we as Personal Performance Trainers hear from people as to why they just “can’t” workout.