Stronger Bones

July 11, 2016

You should know…regular exercise can go a long way in strengthening your bones.  And know this too…even if you already have osteoporosis, exercise can be very effective in relieving the symptoms and pain.  Now as crazy as it sounds, when you are active, your bones will actually soak up extra minerals to give you the support you need.   But if you don’t get enough exercise, your bones will start shedding the minerals, leaving them thin, and fragile…increasing the opportunity for a break!  In fact…studies show that people who get regular exercise have bones that are up to 10-percent thicker than those of people who rarely or never exercise!

But what type of exercise is best for people with osteoporosis…or who simply want to increase bone density?

Our bones are living, growing tissue that respond to weight bearing exercise by growing denser & stronger, similar to the way our muscles react to exercise.   For the best protection, you should combine weight-bearing exercises such as free weights, weight machines and plyometrics, with resistance training or elastic bands.

But know this; you will have to work out regularly for at least six months to a year to add any significant bone density. And if you stop exercising, you can quickly lose any gains you’ve made.  So do your bones a favor…don’t break them!

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